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Gordano Valley Circuit Volunteer Management Policy

It is recognised that with the exception of defined roles e.g. Circuit Stewards the majority of volunteer roles undertaken within the Gordano Valley Circuit operate within the remit of the local church and its management thereof. Nevertheless, the following principles, based on Methodist Church Connexional Guidance apply to all volunteers and to those responsible for their recruitment.
There is a sense in which just about every aspect of the church’s work might be regarded as undertaken by volunteers. For the purpose of this policy,a volunteerrefers to someone who fulfils the criteria that would need to be set up in sections 2 and 3.Further informationcan be found at:

1. Recruitment of volunteers as well as staff operates within the Safer
Recruitment Policy of the Methodist Church which should be
referred to and followed in every instance. See:
2. The establishment of a volunteer placement will follow the following
• identify the work that needs to be done
• decide on the skills that the volunteer will need
• include those in the planning who will work alongside the volunteer
• agree how the volunteer will be supported
• decide where to advertise for a volunteer
• decide whether a criminal record check is needed
• agree with the volunteer their time commitment to the work
• agree a budget for the work i.e. training costs, car mileage
• knowing what to do if things don't work as expected.

3. Recruitment for volunteers will normally include the following steps:
• Write a Volunteer Role Outline
• Invite candidates to complete an application form
Conduct a face-to-face interview
• Take up references
• Check the candidate's criminal record, if applicable
• Appoint for a probationary period

• Provide an induction programme and initial training

4. There shall always be a member of the Church to whom the volunteer
gives account and who is responsible for ensuring that their duties are
performed in compliance with health and safety requirements,
safeguarding procedures and the requirements of the Methodist Church.
This will normally fall within the normal structure of church or Circuit
responsibility e.g. stewards may have collective and mutual responsibility;
volunteers operating on a church rotas may have responsibility to a team
leader or the stewards’ team. Particular volunteer posts may be expected
to report to the Church Council or Circuit Meeting.
5. Concerns regarding the manner in which a volunteer is failing to fulfil their
responsibilities or doing so in a manner which generates risk to the church
or circuit should always be brought to the attention of the respective
leadership team so that they are able to supportively and effectively
address this.
6. It is policy that volunteers should receive encouragement,review and
constructive feedback on the work which they are undertaking together
with constructive criticism as to ways in which they may fulfil this role with
greatest effectiveness.

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